Resorts with Something Special

Written by Chloe Hambidge

In a world brimming with travel opportunities, where wanderlust permeates the hearts of adventure seekers, resorts have become sanctuaries of comfort and tranquility. They offer an escape from the daily grind, promising an experience that transcends the ordinary. But some resorts go above and beyond, captivating guests with something truly extraordinary—a touch of magic, an element of surprise, or an immersion into a realm of unparalleled luxury.

Join us on a journey as we uncover a collection of exceptional resorts that have redefined the concept of hospitality. From enchanting eco-lodges nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes to opulent retreats that transport guests to a world of indulgence, these resorts have woven their distinctive qualities into the very fabric of their existence. So, prepare to be captivated and inspired as we unveil the secrets of these extraordinary destinations.

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

Sleep amongst one of Africa’s most prized treasures; the majestic giraffe. This boutique hotel truly is an exclusive experience with no other resorts quite like it, or definitely not executed with as much exquisite class. Whether it’s a pit stop after a Kenyan safari adventure or a retreat for an elegant escape, this stylish hotel is perfect. Of course, the highlight of this hotel is the incredible image of giraffes joining you throughout breakfast and dinner, poking their necks through the hotel’s grand windows for a welcoming surprise in search of treats before retreating into the picturesque forest flourishing in every direction. The unique joy this experience sparks is once-in-a-lifetime as you’re encapsulated by the grand presence of these mystical animals amongst the hotels stylistic precedence. This unforgettable experience is remarkable for emphasising Kenya’s friendliness and phenomenal wildlife. With just 10 luxury rooms, this prestigious hotel is all yours to explore and the giraffes are all yours to run free with. It will be a boutique escape guaranteed to path memories for a lifetime.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

This decadent resort is a treat for the mind and body filled to the brim with rejuvenating facilities and rustic interiors and exteriors to be at one with the peace of the isolated Iceland. The stark contrasts between the aquiline blue thermal pools and black rocky buildings almost leave this place feeling like an alien landscape. Allow this to add to the appeal with this otherworldly haven holding healing powers of its own as it offers a world of radiant wellbeing in a harsh yet serenely beautiful destination, interiors warm you through after a day of wanderings or relaxation with a sophisticated design with modernised style throughout. The Blue Lagoon is an unforgettable experience with its minerally rich waters brimming with photo opportunities as one of the countries most treasured features as well as providing an utterly irrisistable escape away from the usual hubbarb of home life.

Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador

Floating amongst the dreamy Cloud Forest Region of Ecuador, this unique retreat is located in the beating heart of lush hilltops. With panoramic views of emerald forestland and its dazzling wildlife, become an onlooker upon over 400 species of endemic wildlife frolicking around the lodges community. This delightful hotel is a shining light for local people and has won many an award, a couple being National Geographics “Unique Lodge of the World” and starring in the iconic BBC series “Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby”. This cocoon of authentic opportunities and cultural bliss is a floating heaven immersed in the ongoing sweepstake of thriving jungle, including breath taking natural wonders of crashing waterfalls and jungle cats. This resort celebrates earths gifts in a respectable yet awe-inspiring fashion, with luxury interiors in bucket loads and authentic Ecuadorian food being served al fresco, there is no place like it in all the world. With a recently renovated rainforest-inspired spa, become in touch with your roots as well as you own inner peace, or even indulge in a unique journey via sky tandem bike pedalling high amongst the tree canopy and the cushioned safety net of clouds.

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan, Bali

As if dropped from the heavens this wellness haven is the perfect hideaway nestled amongst some of nature’s greatest flourishings. Dedicated to celebrating this natural mirage of mother natures gifts through traditional crafts and rejuvenation, its a hotspot of Balis’ authentic charm. Once reserved for the eager backpacker, hotels like this transform little corners of Bali into luxury dappled retreats all whilst respecting and paying homage to its beauty in the process. Standing high above artist colonies, paddy fields and its unique countryside it’s a deep dive into much loved Balinese culture with a contemporary touch. Designer John Heah who we can thank for this marvellous creation states “we wanted to do something people never thought they ever wanted but once they experienced it, it becomes something they want more of” which is heartfelt way of summing up this retreats dedication to truly transform holidaying. Playing with an inspiring blend of culture and nature in a cocktail of relaxation and excitement, this exotic retreat offers spectacular views of Bali’s sacred Ayung River Valley and the peaceful lull of its gushing water. It’s 10 minutes away from what some consider the beating heart of Bali, Ubud, and comprises of 18 elegant suites and 46 sophisticated villas with private swimming pools. Renowned for its friendly staff who cater to your every need at the blink of an eye and a sense of understated luxury which can be a rarity amongst high end resorts, it’s a humbly brilliant resort. With adventures at the tip of your fingers and a tropical enclave of enchanted forests whispering to be explored and immersion experiences such as private rafting, farming, cooking schools, exploring historical sights and so much more. It’s a verdant haven of limitless luxury and possibilities.

Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman

Brimming with Omans’ awe-inspiring natural beauty, this alien landscape will transport you to a whole other world of luxury and experience. With remarkable hiking routes unfolding breath-taking vistas where mountain meets sea, the striking wonder of the Arabian Gulf and mountainous charm will leave you stunned. These remote sands whisk you away to a transcendent paradise with unique settings and Six Senses’ elite wellness roots. Sink back into blissful all-pool villas with attentive host service, lavish retreats and the iconic Sense on the Edge; a mystical mountain top haven offering some of the best food the region offers. Set 293m above sea level, this dining experience is a destination in itself with a high altitude thrill and mouthwatering flavours. With the perfect combination of peace of tranquility you can also embark on memorable journeys designed to allow you to embrace Omans transfixing reliefs with a majestic luxury Sunset Cruise, exhilarating Rock Climbing adventure and in the evening watch the sky explode with stars at Zighy Bay’s outdoor cinema. With mountain vistas and warm Sea Breezes this Six Senses haven is the dream place to relax with a bespoke spa offering at a memorable location and adventures whispering your name. Luxury is embellished at every corner and service is there to attend to your every desire, it truly is a special resort designed to change your life.

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