Maldivian Marvel

Written by Chloe Hambidge

Soneva Fushi

The Maldives depicts luxury, paradise, everything good in the world morphed into a blue shored dream. Well allow us to put the cherry on the cake at the innovative Soneva Fushi who combine the exquisite natural landscape of the Baa Atoll in the Maldives to bring together culinary genius and the world’s greatest vistas. Elevate your senses (literally) as your nestled amongst emerald greenery in a lush cocoon of palm trees, a match made in heaven as these swaying shrubs meet golden sands. Embark on a ‘Flying Sauces’ experience and zipline through the tropical rainforest to an elevated dining platform awaiting your jump into luxury. Here, you can indulge on a six-course gourmet menu complete with the finest wines. Blow all expectations out the water with high-altitude dining as you reinvent all ideals of gastronomic adventure. This stunning concept resort offers eco-friendly style, built around stunning natural architecture you can feel free to wake up and stroll along your very own private beach or the 100 acres of verdant forestry tucked all around you. Bringing a whole new meaning to ‘barefoot luxury’ this incredible resort pioneers, with an eco-friendly twist and charming private butlers prepared to make all your holiday dreams come true. Exceed these expectations further as you can tour the resorts very own sustainable herb garden, watch tantalizing live culinary theatre, and taste mouth-watering sushi created by Japans’ youngest three-Michelin-starred chef. It will truly make for an inspiring escape.

Niyama Private Islands

The Maldives and it’s beauty speaks for itself, to indulge in your own private cocoon of this paradise transport yourself to this parallel universe of paradise that is Niyama, Maldives. With pristine vistas of ongoing aqua delight with patchworks of colourful tropical fish darting around your feet. Dedicated to innovation, this resort which emanates luxury with ease is an iconic resort of chic and contemporary style. In true Maldivian fashion, the resort sprouts gorgeous villas erupting from illuminious aqualine waters with interiors including modern technology and facilities boasting campfire, tree-top and al fresco dining all holding high expectations to impress. And impress it will, especially with these new offerings… The resort is now offering their all new-inclusive plan which includes a 60-minute spa experience and a complimentary experience of either Lucky Dolphin, Sunset Cruise, or a Snorkelling Safari- there’s no better time to embrace the Maldives unfaltering charm.

Milaidhoo Island

Hideaway at this Maldivian gem located on a cherished UNESCO Biosphere Reserve where natural beauty is abundant and relaxation is inevitable. A match made in heaven for a honey moon retreat as this resort understands that these moments need to be cherished, and where better to do it this gem encrusted private island boutique resort. With attention to detail like no other and villas paired with service to make you feel as if you’re a royal, this divine getaway is sure to leave its mark with memories and rejuvenating quality time. With a family policy welcoming children over 9, this island takes on a more mature feel atmosphere making for a perfectly peaceful holiday with a laidback luxury vibe. To pay homage to the breath taking beauty of the Maldives and this protected island, the resort showcases a design to illuminate the stunning natural environment you have the honour of visiting. Encircled by coral reef where underwater inhabitants flourish and powdered beach glowing as bright as your freshly caught sun tan. Swim amongst the majestic beauty of manta rays and whale sharks as these tranquil ocean giants slowly pass by, snorkelling amongst them is simply an unmissable experience. Home to 50 villas designed to celebrate Maldivian architecture, you can walk into your private freshwater pool and revel in all the glory the Maldives has to offer, even indulge in complimentary daily yoga and meditation sessions. After all, you will need this to unwind after a day of exciting water sports.

One&Only Rheethi Rah

Allow this appealing island to call your name, with the perfect combination natural beach beauty and unsurpassed luxury. The renowned One&Only strikes again with its unprecedented sense of perfection, with 12 beaches to choose from be overwhelmed with pure bliss. With sunsets dripping over the horizon in panoramic beauty. This resort holds an air of refined elegance sure to impress, accompanied with unique lavish extras which will make you rethink relaxation altogether. This sumptuous treat is a shining accolade of Maldives slice of heaven, with breath taking scenery from pristine beaches awaiting your footsteps and crystal clear lagoons nestled amongst lush tropical gardens. Surrounded by secret sanctuary’s there is always something to explore where you can revel in secluded beauty whether that’s a romantic escape of a family frenzy. Reethi Rah translates to beautiful island, here you will truly understand the connection with villas oozing tranquility with peace and privacy to truly enjoy this delight in your very own world. Dotted along untouched coastline, enjoy the resorts fountain of facilities with the serene One&Only Spa with a laidback ambience and a childrens club jam packed with entertainment all Day long. With 5 restaurants each as equisite as the next, every night brings something different. Float on glasslike infinity pools stationed on the brim of the aquiline Indian Ocean and private villas stained and waiting as if just dropped from the sky, you can either spend the evening snorkelling with a Maldivian underwater world, or a revitalising sunbathe amongst palm trees and magical candle lit lanterns.


A patchwork quilt of tempting turquoise and irrisistable blue are the backdrop as you become part of the iconic beauty of the Maldives coastline. Perched on the magnificent Raa Atoll, one of the largest and deepest atolls in the world, watch as an ombre of blue laps in and stretches before you. Be surrounded by Maldivian wonder from art exhibited in every far flung corner created by international artists as well as the immersive Visit Her Kitchen to learn how to cook local recipes, JOALI offers more than just a holiday, but an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. Give in to temptation and indulge in this luxury island paradise, with yet again more exquisite restaurants and gorgeous sandy beaches you never have to escape. Whether lounging in cabanas or skimming shimmering ocean via jet ski, welcome the delight of the Maldives with open arms. Offering every delight for any palette, enjoy Asian cuisine, Chinese, Mediterranean and Italian alongside handpicked wine for an explosion on tantalizing taste. This resort pathes a way for you to effortlessly make all the kids dreams come true, with the little ones free to run rampant with island treasure hunts, storytime from local residents, child-friendly cookery sessions and a kids spa so they too can get a taste of the good life. It’s a win win.

Ozen Reserve Bolifushi

Take serenity to a whole new level and reinvente all ideals of what the Maldives can truly offer at Ozen Reserve Bolifushi. With accommodation pitched to the highest quality every villa or suite offering here includes its very own private swimming pool, sala day bed and either beach or lagoon access with every detail nipped and tucked to form the upmost luxurious and relaxing escape. Sail blissfully into this paradise by a peaceful catamaran transfer greeted with a Maldivian welcome and wildlife dancing below you in tune with this invitation into utter recalibration. With gastronomic brilliance and Indian Ocean delights pouring into beaches all around you this resort may as well be privately designed for your pleasure. At every corner there is something to feast your eyes on, especially with the resorts unique ice skating rink for you to enjoy the intriguing oxymoron of skating hand and hand into the sunset to cool off after a long day of sunbathing. Consider this resort your playground, whether its relaxation or adventure you seek, facilities are endless to feed your any desire. Pay your own respect to the endeavours of this lavish resort by diving deep into the endless underwater world where you can float amongst graceful sea turtles and shoals of iridescent fish teaming with every colour of the rainbow.

COMO Cocoa Island

Since a delightful makeover in 2020, the resort holds an unmatched air of peak modern luxury. After these renovations COMO Cocoa Island has become a true asset to the Maldives, with all new Water Villas coming equipped with a pool and a state-of-the-art 24 hour gym as well as a steam room and hypotherapy pool, consider this a resort where your wants and needs are at the forefront of everybody’s mind. The resorts innovative elegance is enhanced through stylish suites designed to mirror local dhoni fishing boats as they scatter across the turquoise lagoon. Enjoy reef watching from the comfort of your terrace as you smooth any mental crinkles. Stroll down the jetty as you leave all your past worries behind, be greeted invitingly by warm platinum sands. Dine in style as if washed up by magic force as you indulge in world-class international cuisine on and open sided wooden pavilion with the soft wind in your hair and skin kissed skin; with a daily changing menu the world is truly your oyster, all from this tranquil dinner Maldivian setting. Let the day melt away as you escape to COMO Shambhala Retreat offering a honey pot of spa treatments that are simply unmissable. With offerings including Reflexology and Ayurveda and these tempting treatments even stretch the privacy of your room, let your mind find true peace with Yoga practise on an open-air pavilion as the sunrise explodes tangerine strokes across the horizon. Treatment rooms are sprinkled all over, including one for couples for that ever most important one on one time and a magical hydrotherapy steam pool to incorporate holistic and Ayurvedic therapy aiming to achieve the mind body balance suited for your day to day life. This resort has high aims to completely transform life as you know it, with the added extra of Maldivian bliss.

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