Guaranteed luxury, delivered by professionals

When it comes to the ideal escape, allow Atlantis to sweep you off you feet. Dedicated to making magic happen, it’s all just part of our service.

The Experts

With over 50 years’ experience in this rewarding industry, we pride ourselves on ‘Bringing Luxury to You’. Whether wanting to delve deep into our worlds cherished wonders immersing yourself in untold cultures, or navigate our seven seas to unexplored far flung extravagance by luxury cruise ship- with our team of senior experts, you are in safe hands. As time will tell, there’s no better gift than the present, at Atlantis allow us to tie your experiences together in a neat travel sized bow.

Playing our part

We pride ourselves on delivering a seamless service where we dedicate our time and expertise on crafting the ideal escape no matter the desire. With a foot in both worlds, we hold the advantage of having loyal relationships amongst industry leading contacts whether that’s amongst luxury cruise lines or accommodation.

What to expect

With the ultimate aim of ticking all your boxes, our team of senior travel experts will put their whole heart into piecing together the easiest holiday of dreams, through attentive and bespoke service, leave no stone unturned. Our experts are always on hand whether face to face in our friendly office or just a phone call away.

A holiday with Atlantis is a holiday where your needs and wants are held close, we have the privilege of offering our clients personal touches and expert knowledge spurred by a passion to share our world. Our service is offered from door to door until we are sure you smile reaches from ear to ear. Experience an adventure which will take you the extra mile.

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