Wild Wanderings

Written by Chloe Hambidge


With unforgettable experiences at the forefront of our mind, and luxury tucked right next to it, we always aim to supply unique trips designed to last a lifetime. With Safaris being a fountain for family adventure and awe-struck glory, this incredible concept is something that truly takes our world by storm. Become an onlooker amongst one of our worlds dearest wonders, frolic with beasts and observe the peace these mirage of creatures offer by simply just going about their day to day life. Run with cheetahs, graze with zebras and bath with elephants, an unbeatable adventure to leave a mark in your memory forevermore.

This treasure trove of jaw dropping natural wonders and majestic animals await you with a gold mine of photo opportunities for the scrap book. We can make Safari season every season with the offerings of different destination form Madagascar to Mozambique. These exceptional Safari experiences are promised to touch your heart and leave you swooning as this adventure seekers dream is transforming into a renewed hub of activity. Opportunities like this are few and far between, shining a light on the true intensity of these unique adventures, and here is our top list of everything safari- with delights designed to make your heart flutter.

Vumbura Plains, Dumatau & Chitabe, Botswanna

This establishment holds Safaris best kept secrets in abandon. After an extensive makeover this fort of exploration seems to have a magical effect. Perched North of the Okavango Delta the camps excellent location allows you to prowl the ongoing planes as if part of the herd. Staying true to their local environment as well as heritage, the main area of the camp featuring basket weaving and fishing installations coming together to create an authentic experience. The breathtaking backdrop allows the regions wildlife to wander before you, presenting the camp as one of Wilderness’ Premier camps. With animals meandering its diverse landscape, with a mix of water and dry land, you’re graced with the water-loving lechwe splashing freely though the reeds, rare antelope caught meandering happily through the picturesque savannah, the overwhelming sight of lions, leopard, elephant, cheetah, wild dog and prolific birds all provide the true irrisistable pleasure Botswana offers. You can even experience the added beauty of a breathtaking sunset cruise on the Chobe River, truly transporting you into African bliss.

Cape Town, Garden Route Safari, South Africa

Table mountain decorating the skyline with dramatic dominance and the amazing lapping coastline as you journey along the picturesque Garden Route. All this before you even step foot into the jaw dropping Safari Reserve. Discover new found tranquility as you’re nestled between the comforts on the Langeberg and Outeniqua mountains and the sweet scent of its flora. Allow the crisp air to prepare you for the days greatness ahead with 200 different species of wildlife flourishing undisturbed and free in their natural habitat. Stumble across giraffes, gazelles, lions, ostrich and so much more as you embark on this eye opening journey of nature greatest gift in the hub of South Africa. This retreat even offers key wellness retreats to rejuvenate and inspire, healing both the mind and body.

Kenya’s Masai Mara Safari

This honey pot of discovery is crowned on of Africas renowned seven wonders. Its accolades are in surplus but it’s mostly desired for its promise of being one of the best places to spot the ‘big five’. This hot spot is glorious for its prime viewing a stone throw from the snaking river of the Sand River Masai Mara, reserved for the prowling big cats. This retreat reassures its prime location by sitting peacefully on the migration route for millions of wildebeest, zebra, gazelle as they stroll between Serengeti and Masai Mara every year. Extras can include a magical hot air balloon for a VIP birds eye view of the savannah and its many offerings, follow this with the luxury of a champagne picnic on the plains with your safari accomplices

Zimbabwe, Hwange National Park

Come back from this experience with non-stop tales. With majestic wildlife and wonderful waterfalls complimenting each other perfectly. As one of the best-kept game parks on the continent, Hwange offers an experience like no other as you can explore via walking or an adrenaline fueled 4×4 ride. This pristine hideaway is a secluded paradise overflowing with memorable African Wildlife from the ‘big five’ to their impressive concentration of elephant attracted to the parks waterholes. The park is also well known for its marvellous birdwatching spectacle especially from November to April as migratory birds return from Europe and Northern Africa. Even experience the wholesome conservation work essential for the parks sustainable upkeep as well as the natural wonder of the iconic Victoria Falls cross the Batoka Gorge.

Laikipia, Kenya

Day and night, underneath the stars or the scorching sun, allow Kenya’s wildlife to unfold before you. Laikipia is home to the highest diversity of mammals in Africa, which is as wild as you can imagine. Spanning over a million acres of unfenced conservations and ranches, you’re offered an authentic and unrivalled wilderness wandering. Accompanied by knowledgably guides, taking in these rare species has never been more irrisistable. Run free with herds of elephant all year round, lions, leopards, spotted hyena, common and Grevy’s zebra, warthog, hippo bathing in the river, buffalo and many antelope species- it truly is endless.

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