Wellness Retreats

Written by Chloe Hambidge

We understand that wellbeing shouldn’t just be considered as a break, it should be a way of life, and with these wellbeing escapes you can finally open your eyes to your own path of self-acceptance along with mental and physical health. Reap the long lasting benefits of these dream retreats with idyllic locations designed to truly ground you with our enlightening earth and it’s specialties, it’s an experience fueled by gratitude and relaxation. Despite wellness holidays being designed to set you on a path of ease and inner tranquility, for some this may be out of your comfort zone, one on one time once being something of a distant dream to you. Well with our wellness retreats edition ease yourself in slowly with these resorts offering the perfect mix of luxury and peace. It’s time to redefine your ideals of a holiday and discard the ongoing cycle of daily life through guilt free foods, fun exercise classes, Zen yoga lessons and everything wellness. Take responsibility for your health in a laidback sun drizzled setting in a long term investment promised to impress, the idea of lacking substance in your daily life now being a distant memory. Embrace a sustainable lifestyle through pampering and indulgence, with a newfound glow shining from the inside out.

COMO Shambhala, Ubud, Bali

It’s time for an official breather amongst what some may consider the beating heart of wellness, Bali. A hotspot for holistic awakenings and nutritional celebrations, you will never lack a bland experience on this journey. This shimmering emerald green accolade of Bali is the notorious COMO Shambhala Estate, situated in Ubud. Boasting natural resources and sustainable technologies, truly embrace this down to earth retreat the way it’s supposed to be. Tucked away in the spiritual realm of impressive jungle foliage and whinding rivers, you will truly be awe-struck by its beauty, wholesomeness calling your name from its depths. Opportunities from specialist yoga and Pilates, guided mountain biking, hiking, climbing, white-water rafting, outdoor circuit training and more, the options are limitless and the power is in your hands. All that’s promised is a journey of newfound awareness, an awareness for life improvement and eye opening celebrations of nature and self-love.

Six Senses Samui, Koh Samui, Thailand

Also paying homage to Asia gorgeous accolades is the iconic Six Senses Samui. Be part of the spectacular coastline of Koh Samui, blending in with towering headland erupting from the iridescent turquoise waters below. This delectable resort holds beneficial bonuses in the palm of their hand, all dedicated to bringing you their staple royalistic treatment with a touch of self-exploration. With a kaleidoscope of authentic experiences which will whisk you away from usual daily workings prepare to be awe struck by Thailand’s delightful wellness choices. Take in the serenity of Buddhist temples and their bewildering sense of hierarchal wisdom, this alone will transport you ideals of life and suffering, along with the friendlessness of the local Thai people as you venture through their morning markets. These experiences are topped with sunset sailings through sensational seas, Mountain biking, diving and more, all focused on getting your body moving. Take Thai cooking classes and bring these lessons home for newfound meals filled with flavour and healthy spices, or even wander to the resorts farm where you can feed the animals and even take eggs for breakfast- a holiday here is an eye opening experience of self-awakening, culture and how living a simple yet special life is the most fulfilling of them all.

One&Only Nyungwe House, Rwanda, Africa

Where better to experience wellness then in the untouched peace of the jungle? Unwind in free spirit with One&Onlys’ Nyungwe House and their wonderous wellness programs. Feel part of Rwandas best kept secret as you discover the true essence of Africa hidden in the foothills of Volcanoes national park, a spa sure to leave a long lasting memory. Be part of unique treatments branching from Africology and Terres D’Afrique, uniting wisdom with traditional therapies and the purist homegrown botanicals in a match made in heaven. Trek the gorgeous Nyungwe Forest in an enlightening adventure as you stumble upon total relaxation amongst the rolling hills. Come back to your One&Only haven and unwind with a tension-targeting muscle-melting massage ready to soothe and energize. You can even partake in a once-in-a-lifetime Chimpanzee trek which you can indulge in after some sunrise yoga with picturesque vistas unfolding before you. Be at one with the jungle and our world as you awaken with the colobus monkeys dancing in the treetops and wrap up the day in a Hypoxis Body Wrap formulated with African Potato and marula oil, Africas ‘miracle fruit’ leaving your skin feeling soothed, hydrated and repaired. It’s a wellness experience like no other as you’re surrounded by the sweet scent of eucalyptus and flora going hand in hand with the perfect jungle oasis of relaxation, and that’s just the start.

Blue Waters Resort & Spa, Antigua

This secluded paradise located in the Caribbean is a shining advocate for wellness in paradise. Rated highly for its Spa, Blue Waters is a pristine establishment dedicated to delivering the best of the best. This luxury resort is a wellness spectrum for the whole family with tempting facilities form a state-of-the-art spa, a golf course and kids club equipped for all sorts of fun and games. Watch as the whole family let loose and adopt a rejuvenating peace of mind, as there’s nothing more refreshing than doing what you love with who you love. Working alongside the irrisistable Elemis and ila, what better way to get into holiday mode and revel in some peace and quiet. Allow the idyllic settings and rejuvenating treatments to wash all your stress away. Respect your body as it undergoes the most luxurious MOT the world has to offer, revel in a state of vulnerability as your bodies complex physiology is slowly rewired in tangent with your mind as you unwind from head to toe. Hopefully this metamorphosis is a tantalizing teaser for the nourishment and placement on offer amongst your scared essence, as you take these inner learnings back home on a path of peace and newfound joy.

Kamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand

Once again celebrating the peace that Asia holds in abundance, truly marvel at the harmonious Kamalaya. Offering the perfect oxymoron of jungle as well as stunning sea views, allow yourself the pleasure on having the best of both worlds whilst prioritising your own. Take your prick from a selection of swimming pools, plunge pools, steam caverns and yoga facilities all awaiting your presence. Unlocking health and abundance has never been more achievable as a ‘new you’ is awaiting to be set free all thanks to a complimentary wellness consultation and Body Bio-impedance Analysis. These personalised experiences can touch on emotional balance, detox, weight loss and yoga, your wish is now yours to fulfil in this sanctuary of acceptance and encouragement. Walk amongst nature and explore both mind and body with these wellness programmes combining activities, spa treatments, healing therapies and dietary requirements if necessary.

Ritz Carlton, Ras Al Kiahmah, Al Wadi Desert, United Arab Emirates

When thinking of the isolation of the desert you may think of sand and deprivation, well allow the Ritz Carlton Ras Al Khaimah to appear like a mirage glimmering in the distance. Redefining wellness retreats, this hidden gem is set amid stretches of golden desert sand amongst a peaceful nature reserve. This selfless sanctuary pathes a path for your own recovery to true self fulfilment as well as protection for local wildlife. Visit ‘The Rainforest’, an oasis of refreshment comprised of 16 hydrothermal therapies and world-class facilities to create a unique spa sanctuary. Pair decadent nights with gratifying lazy days made up of trips to the Ritz-Carlton Spa with a fountain of delirious opportunities standing proud within it with ten treatment pavilions and a delightful range of award-winning spa therapies.

Six senses Zil Pasyon, Seychelles

Experience the magic of the Seychelles right on the tip of its transfixing oceanfront. Be spoilt for choice as you become part of the glimmering Seychelles at Six Senses Zil Payson as you embody its eco system with five double treatment villas built amongst the rocky cliff face. These villas consist of Rock, Cave, Ocean, Nature and Floating which holds a variety of textures, colours and themes to pay homage to the spell bounding nature of the island. Enjoy facilities from an elevated pool with panoramic views of crystal blue bliss equipped with a sundeck, a yoga and meditation pavilion all designed to enhance personal journeys and promote true rest for your mind and body. Allow wellness, rejuvenation and holistic awakening embody you as you kickstart a much needed tether between your inner wellness and internal happiness. Experience unique African inspired treatments reinventing all ideals of a typical spa day as you’re engulfed with natural properties of the island’s mouth-watering fauna and flora. If you’re overwhelmed by these unlimited possibilities, commence your journey with a wellness screening, to personalize the perfect treatments for you, or simply explore the resorts sauna and steam room, infinity pool, welcome lounge, nail bar and more.

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