Unforgettable Road trips in your Favourite Places

Written by Chloe Hambidge

Ha Giang Loop, Vietnam– 218miles

‘Ha Giang’ translates to ‘water and mountains’ in Vietnamese, and in this department this roadtrip will never lack. As you take on this sensational loop of Vietnams most precious vistas you will be surrounded by the comforting peace of soaring peaks and plunging valleys decorated with drizzling waterfalls feeding the destinations beauty as well its rejuvenating magical aura. Whizz through by moped to truly be engulfed by magnificent backdrops, with the wind in your hair and sun on your skin, it will be an awakening experience for the mind and body. The isolated wonder of Vietnams northernmost province is enough to transform you, stop off for roadside snacks from dried buffalo to Lau (Vietnamese hot pot) with an exciting atmosphere from fellow travellers, expected when surrounded by such natural marvel. Start this enlightening adventure in the mythical like gateway of Ha Giang city where you will be embraced by forested peaks and lush green trees as if plucked from a fairy-tale to send you off on your journey. Meander through Yen Minh, Dong Van and Bao Lam all bringing a sturdy stream of sights to ogle at from shimmering streams gurgling towards cascading waterfalls. As you loop these beautiful destinations you will also be greeted by communities made up of at least 10 different ethnic minorities, culture stationed as every corner. The only way to describe this journey is rewarding, dedicate 3-5 days to seeing Vietnams natural charm and you won’t regret it. Meet new friends, revel in inspiring communities and partake in side trips such as trekking, river-boating and caving.

The Great Ocean Road, Australia– 340miles

Aquiline blue ocean mirrored by crystal blue skies, lapping shores crashing the rocks just below you and paradise stretching as far as the eye can see as if driving through your own private island. Bow down to Australia’s most famous road and all its tranquillity as your hugged by stunning coastal views and splattering’s of dense forest simply begging to be explored. Stop of for a roadside picnic amongst pine smelling woodland or listen to the methodical lull of waves caressing the shore as you lay dreary eyed soaking up that Aussie sun. Start in the renowned Melbourne where man made skylines slowly morph into golden sand as you journey into the quaint beach town of Torquay, where your road trip officially starts. Become part of the Victorian coastline and be guided by the scorching sun as you discover the immense beauty of the iconic group of limestone sea stacks highly regarded as the 12 Apostles. Journey next to Port Campbell and even jump into Otway National Park on the home stretch if you want to extend your escape before ending back up at the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Panorama Route, South Africa– 130miles

Take in South African beauty from godlike advantage as you head up the incredible Drakenburg Escarpment. Snake through South Africas picturesque assets with exotic wildlife grazing throughout the heights, sweet scented fruit fields, gold-rush sites, encapsulating waterfalls, gorges and the imposing peaks of the powerful Drakensburg Escarpment. Stare in awe across African glory as you watch it unfold before you. Revel in what feels like the world best kept secret with exclusive access to views of the breath-taking Blyde River Canyon (the world’s third largest canyon), Kruger National Park and the Lebombo Mountains of South Africa’s border with Mozambique. This journey is steeped with history as the landscape tells a whole story of itself, dramatic terrains decorated by lush greenery and scarred with ochre cliff faces with shimmers of magnificent waterfalls and raging rivers guiding you on your journey. With untold wonder awaiting you, views are just the usual here. Take road tripping that step further as you have a good chance of coming face to face with the Big Five nestled amongst mountainous glory. Movie set back drops are promised to follow you on your drive of South African gems.

Southern Utah National Park Circuit, USA- 475miles

In this foreign landscape, transport to a whole new magical dimension. Watch from your window as scorched red pillars erupt before you as rock majestically rises around you as if a passage of discovery. Feel almost insignificant as you take in these spectacular sights as you take on rocky desert, an otherworldly sense of scale towering over you as you venture further into the wild west of Southern Utah. Carve you own path as you become an explorer amongst these cowboy settings as these impressive landscapes are inescapable and are all yours to explore. Get lost amongst winding routes with awe-inspiring vistas mirroring a retro Western film set. This glowing accolade of our earth is an orange void of layered rock, with nothing else like it in the world. Set off from Dead Horse Point near Moab, lap round through Canyonlands National Park and Bryce Canyon, finishing at Zion National Park. 500 miles of enchanting scenery and serene reflection alongside your loved ones or lone peace of mind. This tremendous kaleidoscope of canyons, ridges and gorges in an oasis promised to leave an impression.

Atlantic Road, Norway- 69miles

Driving around this country is like a breath of fresh air, embraced natural beauty with houses nestled amongst cliff faces in little nooks and cranny’s, respect for this rejuvenating destination is inevitable. Navigate Norway’s delightful nerves system of pristine natural and manmade beauty from punctuated bridges swinging across land to snow-capped peaks staring down at you. This mighty landscape will leave you face to face with sheer faced icy fjords whose depths are whispering your name and glacial lakes which will provoke inspiration like no other. The iconic sightseeing route of the Atlantic Road sweeps through the captivating city of Molde and over to the island of Averoy, giving way to exclusive views of the deep depth and ongoing views of the Atlantic. The beauty of this route shimmers through Winter and Summer, but if you take the time to close your eyes and imagine the peace of this stretch on a warm summers, you see images of immense stillness as you soak up a light breeze before the sparkling waters. Or take on a hard headed northwest storm and watch the destructive beauty of the Atlantics full force awesomeness.

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