Solo Cruising

Written by Chloe Hambidge


The wind in your hair, the horizon unfolding before your very eyes. What better way to take in the worlds grand wonders than on a luxury cruise ship. Dressed to the 9s, surrounded by like minded individuals and the very best service at sea. With these incredible sailings with the most tempting single supplements to grace the seven seas, this journey of self-discovery and exploration has never been more accessible. Through this unique opportunity at the most jaw dropping prices truly open your eyes to a whole new travelling experience as you immerse yourself in the worlds glimmering locations whilst taking in the awe-inspiring lapping of our beautiful turquoise oceans all with the tranquil company of yourself. Divulge your inner conscious as you face truths about yourself and the beauty our world has to offer on a truly enriching journey of self and world discovery. Quench your wanderlust at sea with the best single supplements to hit the water.

Silversea- 25% Single Supplement.

Notorious for its classy Italian flare and stunning interiors with service destined to make you feel like royalty and food to leave you reeling- Silversea may be considered a pretty obvious choice for your first solo sailing. If a peaceful voyage with all-inclusive fairs and exploration offerings in bucketloads are something that plays a part in your dream holiday, then allow Silversea to be in the running. Whether a voyage of space and inner recognition is something you’re after then by all means explore these gorgeous ships in your own time, whether it’s a trip to the glorious Otium, a quick work out with the panoramic seas stretching before you, or even a mouth-watering coffee in the Arts Café with the wind in you hair and a cake in your hand. Although, if solo cruising is about broadening your horizons and meeting new people with like minded intentions and an open mind to see the world and all its offerings, then enjoy an included champagne Welcome Reception to allow limitless mingling opportunities with fellow excitable solo travellers. Silversea even offer Gentleman hosts as dance partners or dinner companions if you do want some company every now and then. Explore the worlds gems in impressive detail from Antarctica to Asia, to expedition to relaxation feel spoilt for choice with this 25% supplement stretching across bounds of vibrant locations.

Celebrity- 0% Single Supplement.

Always staying woke in the cruising wave, solo travel is something that Celebrity celebrates. Understanding that travel doesn’t just have to be about quality time with family, sometimes its nice to have that balance. Solo travel on Celebrity is an experience dedicated to experiencing exciting destinations to not only open your eyes to the world’s wonders as well as your own inner peace whilst making friends along the way. As part of Celebrity’s iconic revolution and their widely modernized fleet, these ships are the solo travellers dream with the world being right outside their window. Celebrity Apex features 24 single staterooms, the highest number on stateroom amongst the fleet. Celebrity Edge is home to 16 as well as an infinite veranda, Silhouette include 4 inside single staterooms and Celebrity Ascent and Beyond both have 32 single staterooms with an infinite veranda- the options are yours for the taking. All rooms include a programme with upcoming activities, so be sure to make the most of that! Featuring a modern and sleek design with luxurious amenities boasting at every opportunity, these spacious hubs are yours to unwind in. Amongst outside adventures, its impossible to be bored. After feeding that wanderlust, rewind in peace with thrilling entertainment from live music to guided meditations. Solo travelling is perfect for some one on one time, but if its new company uo seek, feel at ease with Celebrity’s friendly staff and befriend the bartenders for a ‘local’ bar onboard, or chat with the cruise director who will look after every possible want and need. Set sail with the experts, utter peace and solo adventure has never been so thrilling.

Ponant- 0% Single Supplement.

From Antarctic endeavours to Caribbean bliss, indulge in the exclusive luxury of Ponant, with an even more appealing single supplement offering, it would be rude not to oblige. Discover the world whilst opening a whole new world of luxury travel of which Ponant pioneers, and it will definitely be a voyage you won’t regret. When taking on the world of expedition cruising Ponant push the boat out (literally) and include all excursions, always going above and beyond to deliver immersion in these incredible far flung places, allow the immense white capital of our world to glow right before your eyes. These sophisticated vessels are full to the brim with extravagant extras all catered to serving the most long lasting memories onboard from the Blue Eye Lounge to zodiacs transporting you into the grand beyond. Discover new found gratitude as you are left alone in your thoughts to truly revel in the awe-inspiring wonders erupting before you. Onboard venture back into the air of warmth and comfort where you can attend lectures and discuss the astounding one in a lifetime beauty people only dream of seeing. Bond over these lucky experiences with fellow passengers as you truly appreciate the captivating sights our world has to offer, with no distractions. Ponant also host a variety of social events throughout your voyage from wine tasting to quiz nights, you can even enjoy champagne nights with light entertainment and the buzzy temptations of the main lounge transforming after 10pm for a more ‘night club’ vibe. If you would like to branch out on board, you can even ask at reception which excursions have the might solo travellers, so you can almost group together and bond your own friendships as well as booking group tables at dinner- your solo travelling experience is left in your hands, and whatever your choice the Ponant team is there to support it.

Oceania- 50% Single Supplement.

With a range of tempting included amenities from renowned speciality restaurants, internet, room service and more, with Oceania you are truly equipped for what the world of cruising has to offer you. Dive head first into culture as you sail turquoise waters from Mumbai to Bangkok with adventure beckoning your name or sail close to home amongst charming architecture and charming water ways from Hamburg to London. Oceania are truly embracing the single traveller scene and are on a mission to boost their appeal, revealing plans to introduce solo staterooms across four of its existig ships later this year. To cater to any desire, Solo staterooms with be jampacked with delightful interiors with a tranquility bed, mini bar, cosy seating area whilst still boasting a roomy space. These rooms are described to be bathed in soothing tones with multiple layers of luxurious furishings and accents of artwork, the solo traveller has never been more cared for. The fun doesn’t stop at these sublime offerings as onboard life in packed with their trademark lavish lifestyle providing a seren onboard experience whilst voyaging to the worlds most fascinating places.

Regent- 25% Single Supplement.

On Regent solo travelling has more of a focus on the journey, in your inward world as well as out. Venture to worlds of vibrant city hubs from Rio de Janerio to Buenos Aires, or delightful shores and crystalline waters with voyages from Miami to Barcelona for a range of culture and architecture. Discovery is around every corner, with your own flexible schedule and free spirit to do what you want when you want, what better way to do it then in extravagant luxury, and at an equally appealing price. Combine wonderful cruising facilities with the best land has to offer with programmes catered to every desire and on onboard lifestyle you will never want to have to leave behind. Unerstand the ture gift of travelling with unrivalled space at sea, its yours to run freely.

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