Planes, Trains & Automobiles- Luxury isn’t just in the confines of your final destination.

Written by Chloe Hambidge

How to plan your holiday with slow travel in mind…

Despite an array of luxury options gliding through our oceans and nestled amongst beach bliss, sometimes the true joy of globetrotting is hidden in the charm that comes with slow travel. When broken down, you will find the true delights that can be found in the A to B, not just the final destination. Whether reclining back in the seclusion of an Airbus A380’s exclusive First Cabin or watching snow dusted mountain tops as they sweep into glacial lakes, at Atlantis we encourage you to embrace not just the gold at the end of the rainbow, but the journey. Pay tribute to the good life, through service fit for royalty and the slow paced hum of exploration as it becomes the upbeat tune accompanying you on your newfound travels.

Appreciate the finer things in life and allow us at Atlantis to think outside the box before wrapping it up in a neat sized bow. The holiday of your dreams is never far …

Train travel proves one thing, letting the world go by doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Hiram Bingham- A Belmond Train

A Belmond Train

Uncover the secrets of the Inca Empire as you travel both far and wide to this kingdom amongst the clouds. Set out your journey from historic honey pot of Cusco before slithering through Sacred Valley and arriving at the entrance of Macchu Picchu. In typical Belmond fashion, revel in the traditions of this rich landscape in upmost luxury, feast upon flavourful Peruvian cuisine as you’re propelled through lush canopies of greenery before coming face to face with towering snowcapped mountains thanks to the trains open-air views. Whether man-made majestic ruins or scenery gifted by mother nature herself, Hiram Bingham is sure to do it justice from the minute you step foot on your journey for the ages.

Rovos Rail- Travel Africa

Transport into the beating heart of Africa, all of which Rovos Rail pioneers, linking everything that makes Africa so cherished. Run wild amongst safaris brimming with the big 5 before stumbling amongst the regal power of Victoria Falls as you take your pick of journeys spanning from the laid-back hub of Cape Town to the vibrant Tanzania. With gold encrusted accommodation and windows opening you up to a whole new world, Rovos Rail redefines the way you see Africa.

Rocky Mountaineer- Canadian Rockies

Redefining luxury, and train travel while they’re at it, the iconic Rocky Mountaineer may ring a bell. With a golden service, quite literally through the lines Golden Leaf Service, get a 360 view whilst hurtling through the enchanting expanse of the Rocky Mountains thanks to cars equipped with dome windows and a large platform to enjoy unobstructed views of the window wonderland at your fingertips. With a variety of routes starting in the Rockies Jasper National Park or Vancouver as well as routes expanding to US between Moab and Denver when you watch the everchanging vistas transform into mesmerising red sandstone landscapes.

Aurora Winter Train, Alaska, USA

The elusive spectacle of the Northern lights doesn’t have to be the distant dream we believe it to be. Watch the sky come to life as this 12-hour rail expedition ticks every aurora chasers box, with the added bonus of the glowing snow-covered Alaskan backdrop. Running between the charming Anchorage to Fairbanks, whilst stopping at Denali National Park and Preserve. The excitement isn’t limited to the dancing neon sky as the line also offers enticing excursions from the adrenaline rising delight of snowmobiling to dog sledging through this winter wonderland.

Take the Scenic Route with a luxury river cruise.

Aqua Expeditions- The Mekong

The Mekong is truly a sight to behold, throw Aqua Expeditions into the mix, and the sight becomes something inexplicable. Slither through 2,000 years on human history where enrichment is a given. Live through the eyes of the locals whilst immersed amongst reems of culture and decades old civilisations. Surrounded by nature from a myriad of wildlife to verdant rice fields dotted with pockets of lush greenery. Taking this journey with Aqua Expeditions will transform what is already a journey of a lifetime by throwing personalised luxury into the mix, providing the perfect mixture of authenticity and care. Itineraries depart from Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, and Siem Reap.

AmaWaterways- The Danube

Europe’s waterways are something of an enigma whispering to be explored, once known as trading routes they are now gateways to sublime natural landscapes and charming tucked- away towns. In famous European fashion, songs have been sung, poems and plays written, all about the dashing Danube. Start in the bustling Hungarian capital, where you’ll uncover the intricate intermingling’s of city and river. Uncover the regal Castle District and the monumental Castle District before sailing through the whimsical capital of Slovakia whilst stumbling upon dreamlike hilltop castles. Indulge in scenic cruising of the world-famous Wachau Valley and history stemming from the Roman times before concluding in Germany. With a serene all-suite vessel to recline in amongst this panoramic bliss, Riverside ticks all the boxes whilst holding all the comfort and amenities of a luxury hotel.

Airtime with a dash of the good life.

Emirates- First Class

Enter a whole new world whilst leaving the hustle and bustle of the one you’ve left behind. With an array of premium products, you have a lucky dip of equally as impressively lush products. In this case, we’re shooting for the stars with Emirates iconic First Class product, or in other words, your private sanctuary in the sky. A few amenities tucked into your gold encrusted cocoon include a sumptuous a la carte menu via the lines personal dining service, Bulgari fragrances and amenity kits as well as loungewear and skincare products. That’s before you even indulge in the onboard bar and private shower, with a selection of premium spirits and a private bathroom allowing you to rejuvenate and freshen up, your holiday begins as soon as you step onboard. By night fall watch your slice of comfort truly transform, convert your seat into a fully flat bed and the roof above you twinkles and gleams. There’s no need to wish on a shooting star when flying in Emirates first class. Travelling to your destination doesn’t have to be a chore, take it easy and breeze to your next destination surrounded by everything you could need and more.

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