Oceania Vista Unveiling

Written & Images by Chloe Hambidge

After having this weekend to explore the delights of the new and budding Oceania Vista, we can’t say that we’re over the moon to be home. Unlike anything the cruise line has done before, this ship is like a breath of fresh air. Rejuvenated and ready for her inaugural sailing around the Mediterranean we were lucky enough to have a sneak peak of the ongoing new facilities, shining and spectacular, all unique to Vista. It wasn’t hard to savour the ship for all its worth as we were met with extravagant luxury as soon as we walked through the ship’s threshold. With a marble encrusted grand entrance, we started our journey greeted by a revolutionized sense of space dripped in glamour, the iconic Grand Staircase is something to awe at; seemingly glimmering in thin air, this sparkling ornate fixture acts as a runway into this voyage of dreams. With glowing neutral tones, it sets the scene of harmony and balance which you will experience on the ship which truly redefines the idea of wellness at sea. Embarking in Genoa, Italy, we were lucky to be welcomed with sunshine as well as a warm smile from staff excited to let us in on their newly uncovered best kept secret- Vista.

Itching to see more, we were quick to explore this sanctuary at sea. Already overwhelmed by tranquility we couldn’t miss a trip to the newly refined Aquamar Spa & Vitality Center, sprawling across the aft of this ongoing ship this space is nothing short of spectacular with comfort and rejuvenating treatment areas at every corner. Purpose built, this haven is an escape to celebrate holistic wellness, and it truly is a party for the senses. A highlight for me is the Aquamar Spa Terrace, where you can soak up natures gifts as well as the spas delights; equipped with plush sun loungers, plunge pools and whirl pools as well as lavish seating areas facing out at the ongoing sea or the sprawling paradise of your destination stretching before you. It truly is a crown jewel amongst Vistas crown and cannot be missed, you can access these opulent facilities free of charge if you’re staying in a room or suite concierge or above. It’s a therapeutic space where you can’t help but bask in its serenity. Despite the desire to spend the day unwinding here, we were just eager to get a glimpse at our home for the next few days.

Welcomed by the mirage of our cases sat and waiting for us to transform into holiday mode it’s obvious staff are dedicated to catering for every possible need as soon as you step onboard. Grateful for this prompt delivery, we were swiftly snapped back to reality by the unveiling of our lavish room. Led in by a runway of spotlights, these new and expansive rooms are decked to the nines. With more than 290 square feet of contemporary living space, we loved the neutral tones of rich cream and fawn with shimmers of grey illuminated by warm lights, all working together to set the scene of a sumptuous haven of relaxation. With brand new fixtures, marbled counters and a small bar area, it’s a gold encrusted homage of Oceania’s renowned luxuriant tastes. For me the bathroom was the true piece de resistance, spacious and airy it’s the best place to transform yourself into your evening finery. With a walk in shower with the choice of a waterfall fixture, its these little touches that make up these intimately opulent moments of which we experienced many onboard Vista. It even comes equipped with heavenly smelling Bvalgari shampoos and body washes leaving you smelling as fabulous as you feel. The magnificent use of space is utilized throughout the cabin, like a boutique hotel at sea, fall back onto a lavish queen-size Tranquility Bed, it was the perfect cocoon to crawl into after a day of relaxing, or in our case, exploring. We loved having our own private balcony, even indulging in a room service breakfast which was the perfect way to start the morning whilst watching the world go by at the bustling Monte-Carlo. The true cherry on the cake of staying in a concierge grade was definitely the added amenities from the expanded room service menu and card-only access to the exclusive Concierge Lounge to a blissful bottle of bubbly on arrival and the key to a free laundry service. It was a truly short and sweet voyage for us as its evident Oceania has taken the time to create a space dedicated to heightening the wonder of sailing to your dream destinations and make it an experience to last a lifetime.

Labelled as a tranquil oasis, it won’t take you long to figure out why. Vista’s pool deck is a revolutionary representation of the ships modernised style and it truly is a spectacle in itself. Taking on an almost mature beach clubesque layout take your pick of relaxing amongst poolside cabanas or a sunlounger- which I must say are padded to perfection, we were comfortable for the whole day which can be quite rare on some cruise lines. We chose to tuck ourselves on the top deck to properly appreciate the panoramic view of its stylish design below. With pastel tones taking inspiration from the beauty of the surrounding sea, the area holds an air of refreshing serenity through organic textures and calming tones combining to pave the way to an idyllic onboard escape, with the bonus of a bar overflowing with the finest cocktails and refreshments; which we made the most of for business purposes. With the addition of shaded day beds and seating areas facing out at the ongoing sea it really is the perfect slice of chic design to pay homage to Vistas upscale generation. Although by night its truly transforms, illuminated by blue lights.

When it comes to restaurants, it’s a lucky dip of options with a kaleidoscope of flavours and atmospheres- we were spoilt for choice. Luckily we were well looked after, booked in at Tuscan on our first night it definitely set the bar high for what’s to come on our culinary journey, and these expectations were most definitely met. Deep diving into Italy, we made the most of each course from jumbo prawns with a decadent sauce to refreshing melt in the mouth Dover sole. It truly was a party for the palette with special intimacy of watching Italy bustle before you from the restaurant’s panoramic windows. On the second night we went to the transformed Grand Dining Room, with a bright and reinvented décor, lavish light fixtures and comfortable chairs, eating here is a destination in itself. Like every restaurant there’s expert sommeliers on hand ready to elevate your dining experience at every step, for my meal I stuck to the classics with a prawn cocktail, sirloin steak which was cooked to perfection and a crème brulee to top it off. It was a wonderful evening celebrating what Oceania does best surrounded by other jolly restaurant goers. For us the terrace café is unbeatable, for those who desire a more laidback dining experience without sacrificing the world class food, this buffet is a honey pot of pleasure catered for you. Supplying anything from gorgeous beef wellington to flavorsome Jaques Pepin chicken with home-made curry sauce, it’s a delight from start to finish with every thing the heart could want and more being displayed and served with a smile.

This new perspective of ship luxury is something we can definitely get behind, with bounds of new restaurants paying homage to what Oceania does best in surplus and authentic service catering to every need. The design of this ships takes on a whole new level of style and sophistication and adds a modern yet artistic touch. It’s a transformative journey with comfort taking a step up, enviable facilities and silver encrusted interiors creating a golden journey. It’s different to Oceanias older ships, standing out from the already lavish crowd, experiencing this ship is a holiday in itself acting as a destination before its even left the port.

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